Prerequisites (For all Programs)

Rowing is strenuous, requiring flexibility and agility on the part of the rower. As a minimum, we expect the member to:

To Prepare For Your Row…

  • Dress appropriately for the weather. We row rain or shine so long as there isn't any thunder or lightning.
  • Oar handles and wheels on sliding seats can get caught on loose fitting t-shirts and shorts. Most prefer to wear spandex type shorts with a t-shirt you can tuck in.
  • Rings & wrist barcelets should not be worn.
  • Bring socks. Rowing shoes (13 size fits all) are already mounted in the boats, socks are required.
  • Wear flip-flops or tennies that you don't care about.
  • Bring water with you in the boat.
  • Bring as few valuables as possible. Keys can be locked inside the boathouse while rowing.
  • Toilet facilities are available in the boathouse.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and caps are advised.
  • Be ready to have FUN!

What To Expect

Club Row

We hold weekly rows on Thursday evening and weekend mornings. This program is open to all rowers who have already passed a Learn to Row class and want to continue recreationally. All different levels of rowers from beginners to experienced attend club rows to keep up with their fitness goals.

Group Row Weekly Schedule

We row rain or shine, but never in lightning.

Thursday at 5 pm during Central standard time
Thursday at 6 pm during daylight saving time
Saturday - 7:30 am
Sunday - 7:30 am

Best thing about early morning, weekend rows are bagel and coffee with your fellow rowers.

Competitive Team

This program is open to all former high school/collegiate rowers as well as rowers who have at least one year of rowing experience at the club level. The goal of this program is to train hard to compete at the local and national level.

Please Contact:

Rishi Singh (Men's team) -

Kate Moran (Women's team) -