1. What program is best for me?

We welcome all levels of rowers from those who have never rowed to experienced, former collegiate rowers. Novice: encompasses your first full season learning basic and mid-level rowing skills. If you have never rowed before, you’ll want to start with our Learn to Row program. Club: full membership rowers who wish to row recreationally and have passed a Learn to Row class. Competitive: full membership rowers who were former high school, collegiate, or recreational rowers who have at least one year of experience who would like to train to race at regattas.

2. Is there coaching?

Many members volunteer coach new rowers and anyone wishing to improve at club rows. These members have coached high school, college, and other club rowing programs and are willing to share their expertise. We occasionally have other current coaches host clinics at our boathouse.

3. What is return/credit policy?

All fees are non-refundable.

4. Where do programs take place?

At the boathouse. Boathouse address is 15910 Creek Bend Drive in Sugar Land.

5. Where should I park?

For club rows, please do not park in the parking spaces directly in front of the boathouse. There is parking all along the side of Creek Bend Drive where club members should park. * Parking spaces in front of the boathouse is public parking with handicapped space.

6. I have never rowed before, is that a problem?

No. Please attend one of the Learn to Row classes offered throughout the year where you will learn about the club, boat handling, erg training, technique and basic skills as well as have a chance to go out in a sweep (one oar) or sculling (2 oars) boat. We’re always excited to share our love of the sport!

7. Do I need to know how to swim?

Rowing takes place on the water, and it is possible (although not usual) to fall out of the boat. Therefore, when registering for Learn to Row or becoming a regular member, each participant must confirm that they are able to swim 100 meters and tread water for 2 minutes. We do not have launches at our club, so no coaches/personnel are available to be present on the water with flotation devises.

8. How long does each season last?

Rowing is year round in Texas! The only exceptions for being out on the water are for lightning or the occasional frost in winter.

9. Do I have to race?


10. What should I wear?

You should wear shorts/sweats (spandex type and bike shorts are great!), a t-shirt, and athletic shoes. Shoes are not worn in the boat, so you will always need to have socks. When we get on the water in chilly fall/winter weather, wear warm clothes (layer with sweats, jacket, and hat). BEWARE baggy clothes as they get caught in the sliding seat.

11. Are there showers or a locker room at the boathouse?

There is an outside cold shower. In addition, we have an indoor restroom at the back of the boathouse.

12. Where do I store personal belongings while rowing?

The boathouse is locked during practice. However, a few people will have access to it. It is best to leave anything valuable at home. But, there is a key rack on the inside front of the boathouse to store keys/cell phone.

13. What happens if there is bad weather?

We row on the water in rain, cold, and heat. But, if there is thunder/lightning, high winds, or frost on the creek, the athletic director may either direct you to a practice on the ergs in the boathouse or cancel the practice at that moment. If there is enough warning, you will get a cancellation email from the club president/athletic director.

14. Are guest rows allowed?

We welcome all visiting rowers (from other clubs in various states and countries) to join us for a club row without charge. We ask that members bringing friends to row use judgement in making sure they have at least basic rowing skills. No guest rowers are allowed to take out singles without prior approval.

15. How do I get a key to the boathouse?

You must be a “member in good standing”. There is a form and orientation to complete. Rower must be able to carry a single down to the water, row single, and carry single back up to the boathouse SOLO in order to get a key.